Customer Testimonials

We think that if you’re happy with your purchase, you’re going to want to tell people about it, so we encourage our customers to send us photos and give us some feedback on how their Cut Loose stacks up in the real world.

Here’s a collection of those who’ve been kind enough to share their stories with us.


The Blackleys recently had a lift kit fitted and the feedback is that it travels really well. They have recommended it for anyone with a CL 26.
C & P Blackley
Shaz sent in a fab picture of her Cut Loose from her recent trip in The Flinders Ranges, SA. She has just finished 3 months touring Tasmania and is now enjoying all that SA has to offer.
Sharon W. aka Shaz
Some owners in QLD - a photo of their recently purchased Cut Loose and matching Isuzu. Happy travels guys.
G & J Westerveld
The O'Hara's sent in some photos of their recent trips. Looks like they had a great time. Thanks for the photos.
J O'hara
The Hawes sent us these photos from their travels. They are now travelling full time and so far so good.
T & K Hawes
Barbara & Ian have recently done some touring in their Cut Loose!
Barbara & Ian W, NSW
Dave and Sue, owners of a Cut Loose Rear Kitchen model, have been documenting their travels around Australia on their very own easy-to-use travel journal website. The website contains details of their rig, as well as itinerary and trip reports. You can upload as many pictures as you like too! Its simple-to-use design ensures even the most computer illiterate person can use it!! This is a great way to keep family and friends updated with what adventures you have been on. Its called Aussie Travelogue Software. Check it out at Contact Dave via the website for more information.
Dave & Sue C, NSW
As you can see we are on the road. This pic was taken whilst Liz and I did the RACQ caravan towing course. We are off on our first holiday and next year we hope to be away with the rig for a few months. Mr & Mrs W
Mr & Mrs W
We have been Cutting Loose for more than 6 weeks now and have until the end of January to enjoy our travels down the east coast of Australia. We are currently in Merimbula Beach about to head off to Lakes Entrance then Melbourne for Christmas with some dear friends. Our Cut Loose 26' is working perfectly, our only regret is that this holiday has to end. The Isuzu D-Max is averaging 11.1 l/100k overall and tows the 5th wheeler nicely around the 90 k/hr mark. Best wishes Liz and Dave W.
Liz & Dave W
CL27 + Mazda BT50 - Mr and Mrs L.... To Whom it may concern Why we chose a Cut Loose RV for our 5th Wheeler - after considerable amount of research into tow vehicles and 5th wheeler specifications my wife and I decided on the Cut Loose 27ft 5th Wheeler and Mazda BT50 combination. After talking to Nick and his team we found them extremely professional and helpful right from our inquiries through to the purchase and subsequent delivery, including the setting up of the tow vehicle. We chose Cut Loose RV because of Price, Quality, Serivce, Professionalism and Courtesy shown to us by the entire Cut Loose Team. I would recommend anyone who may be thinking of purchasing a Fifth Wheeler to contact Nick and his team as I have every confidence that they will be as happy with the product and experience as we are. Mr & Mrs L.
Mr & Mrs L...Qld
Ken and I are very pleased with the 'Sirius', we had a great trip home. You said that we wouldn't know that we had it on the back, well I am amazed at how it tows. I actually drove for 1.5 hours and passed another caravan and car, that was really something. Its comfort PLUS! Especially the heater, the shower and of course the toilet! Just love it. The registration at Shepparton Victoria Roads went off well. Thanks for sending through the manual for us, we have yet to read all the instructions but we have managed to operate everything well. We have been down to Warragual and received plenty of looks as we drove along the roads. Some people came over to us when we stopped for coffee, so we showed them through our Cut Loose, they were very impressed. One girl asked me, 'Is that your fifth wheeler?' and when I told her it was, she said 'Wow, I like that!'. So lets hope the Victorians catch on to how great they are. A big thanks to the Cut Loose team, we really appreciate your care and follow-up care. We will keep in touch.
Ken & Heather P
Murray and Dell took collection of their Cut Loose this year and so far he's been the one in charge of their Lemair Washing Machine! Happy Travels ahead for sure.
Murray & Dell C ...Sunshine Coast
Brisbane to Townsville A short note about our trip home to Townsville. All in all a good trip with the van performing as expected. I thought our gear would move around or even get damaged on the road and I am glad to say that nothing moved or was damaged in any way. Where ever possible I maintained highway speed and the van handled the road extremely well. We are very happy we decided on a Cut Loose 27ft and the inherent stability of a Fifth Wheeler. Many thanks to you and your team for your assistance and patience during delivery. Mr & Mrs G.
Mr & Mrs G
When asked why we chose a Cut Loose by many of our friends we had a few simple short answers: Quality, Value for Money, Great Service and Peace of Mind. The Cut Loose team really know what they are talking about and have a fantastic product we are happy to call home. Mr & Mrs B
Mr & Mrs B
To Whom it May Concern My wife and I spent considerable time on the internet researching and made two trips from New Zealand visiting numerous factories/suppliers of 5th Wheelers in Queensland and New South Wales. This was in addition to our own travelling experience throughout New Zealand for a number of years. We chose to buy our 5th Wheeler from Cut Loose for a number of reasons - value for money, features, service and the best friendly professional team you could ask for. My wife and I took delivery of our 5th wheeler and are extremely happy with it and intend to live and tour Australia for years to come. See you on the road! Mr & Mrs C.
Mr & Mrs C...New Zealand