Cut Loose use Premium composite panels with structural cores

Premium Composite Panels

Used in Cut Loose Caravans and 5th Wheelers

Put simply a composite panel consists of a ‘core’ sandwiched between two ‘skins’.

The choice of the core will largely determine the strength characteristics of the panel, along with its weight and durability.

Cut Loose Premium panels use a hi-tech PVC core developed in the marine industry. The key here, is that it is a ‘structural core’.

It has holes thru the core which allows the resin attaching one ‘skin’ to be directly linked to the other ‘skin’ during the panel manufacturing process.

Caravan construction premium composite panel

The main technical benefits of Cut Loose premium Panels are:

  • Superior compressive, shear and tensile strength whilst maintaining its excellent elongation ability i.e. torsion and twist
  • Extremely light weight.  The wall panels are below 5 kgs per m2
  • Internal and external skins are bonded to each other by vacuum infusion techniques
  • Closed cell PVC core is impervious to water and solvents
  • Excellent performance at elevated temperatures, therefore there is no risk of delamination
  • The core is self-extinguishing and fire retardant
  • PVC core ISO 9001 Australian approved
  • Uses marine grade materials with superior strength and durability
  • Possess excellent thermal characteristics

High strength and low weight composite panel

An extensive range of panels have been developed as well as tried and tested in the RV industry. All panels are one-piece and hand-made to for the following purposes:

  • Caravan side walls
  • Caravan roof
  • Caravan floor
  • Caravan internal walls
  • Caravan liner panels