Caravan & 5th Wheeler Chassis Design Cut Loose

Caravan and 5th Wheeler Chassis Design

Cut Loose Caravan and 5th wheeler Chassis have been designed specifically for the composite shells they carry.

Below are images of Chassis designs that we’ve created.

Water tanks are custom made to fit to each Caravan or 5th wheeler chassis design.

You can choose which type of suspension is fitted to the chassis.

In addition to using…

  • Australian Galvanised Steel
  • Compliance Certified drawbars and
  • Quality Hardware

There are a number of features which also enhance the strength of  our Caravan and 5th wheeler chassis designs …

Chassis rails and cross members

These are designed for complete adhesion to the one piece floor.  Making the chassis and floor one single structure, means it has much greater strength characteristics.


These are specially designed and located for securing the floor extrusions (or aluminium superstructure).  This allows the floor to be permanently attached to both the chassis and the side walls

Water and Electrical Services

Services such as water and electrical (12v, 240v) are permanently accessible and easily installed on a Cut Loose Caravan or 5th wheeler chassis.

If you require a Caravan or gooseneck 5th wheeler Chassis

  • From 4m to 8m in length
  • From 2500 kgs ATM to 4500 kgs ATM

Cut Loose have a range of specialist chassis to choose from.