Toy Haulers

Cut Loose Australian Toy Haulers are constructed in Queensland, using many of the industry-leading features in the 5th wheeler range. We build Toy Hauler Caravans and Toy Hauler Fifth Wheelers.

Our Australian Toy Haulers are designed for people looking for ‘something different’, which means we build each van for you…the people that will live or work in it!

Why choose a Cut Loose Toy Hauler?

To help create your family adventures, each Cut Loose Australian Toy Haulers are designed for YOU with a number of key features:

Cut Loose Australian Toy Haulers are available as a Caravan or 5th Wheeler

Whether the cargo area is used to take your sports gear with you (hence the name Toy Hauler) or as a workspace to take your business on the road, or maybe a separate room for the kids, the Cut Loose range of Australian made Toy Haulers are designed to make the most of your lifestyle needs.

The living accommodation is designed to suit you, and the access to the rear area can be via a ramp door, or top hung door. These can be to the side or the rear of the van.

As with other products in the Cut Loose range our Dual Strength Construction™ brings a number of benefits:

  • LIGHTER: The Toy Hauler is lighter so you can carry more gear. 
It has phenomenal strength to withstand Australian off-road locations
The materials used have excellent durability and do not decay over time
  • CARRYING CAPACITY: You can carry between 1 to 2 tonnes! So take what you want – legally!
  • STRENGTH: One-piece Structural composite panels with special aluminium joiners create the most robust unit on the market
  • DURABILITY: Impervious to water, these units are built to last
  • SUSPENSION: We design your unit with the suspension that’s right for you
    • single or tandem axle
    • choose from steel springs to heavy duty off road independent suspension
  • CHASSIS: Specially designed, hi-strength and galvanised Australian Steel
  • INSULATION: Excellent thermal properties – The floor, walls & roof keep you cool in summer, warm in winter
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Yes! You choose your lay-out and fittings (flooring, fabrics, cabinets, countertops)
  • VERSATILITY: Can sleep up to 6 people – The family will love it on camping trips or kids sleepovers
  • DIY FITOUT OPTION: If you want, you can purchase the shell and fit the rest out yourself! We can supply you with any components you need from us at great prices!

Choose exactly how self-contained you need it to be for those longer trips
Freedom to say how little or how much you want fitting out

  • A range of floor plans that can be tailored to suit you
  • Highest quality components that will last a lifetime
  • Attention to detail as our units are individually hand built
  • Aerodynamic & light-weight for better fuel economy
  • Higher strength characteristics to withstand the tougher areas of Australia

From a 5m single axle model to the luxurious 9m off road model with a large slide, out there is a Cut Loose Australian Toy Hauler ideal for your future adventures.