Frequently Asked Questions

Why are fifth wheelers so much safer than a caravan?

With a fifth wheeler the kingpin typically exerts a downforce of 500 kgs directly over the rear axle of the tow vehicle. With a caravan the ball weight of typically 250 kgs is located up to 1 and 1/2 metres behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. This is why the two combinations have entirely different towing and stability characteristics.

What is the NSW requirements for Trailer Break-away Systems?

The NSW RTA has specific unique requirements for the break-away brake systems on caravan and trailers with a GTM Rating over 2.0 tonne. Vehicle Inspectors Bulletin No 06 details the provision of a device to inform the driver (while in the normal seating position) of the charge-condition of the battery in the caravan/trailer, so as to provide a warning if the battery may be unable to activate the break-away brake system for the required 15 minutes.

Which is the fridge of choice? A 3-way or a 2-way?

Please contact us to find out about 3 way vs 2 way fridges.

Can I drive a Cut Loose combination with a normal car licence?

The vehicles you can drive with a standard car licence, or “C” Class licence is determined by the Gross Vehicle Mass of that vehicle.
A “C” Class licence permits the driving of ‘a motor vehicle weighing 4.500 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or less, with or without a trailer (that complies with its weight rating).’

In ACT up until 2014, to tow a 5th wheeler you were required to have a HC licence.  The ACT have now changed their laws to come in line with other States.

I can’t find a GCM (Gross Combination Mass) figure for my tow vehicle. Why not?

Some tow vehicle manufacturers do not publish a GCM figure. In this case we use the Tow Vehicle GVM plus its Trailer Towing Capacity. Where the GCM is published it should be used.

We live in north Queensland and have a compressor fridge installed. It seems to draw more amps than we would like. What can we do?

Your condensation may not be evaporating from the tray above the compressor tank, you can connect a small hose to run this outside. Also wrapping the copper pipes with a rubber hose may reduce condensation and some owners install a 12 volt fan to help ventilation in the fridge compartment. The cooler this space is the less current is required – particularly useful if on solar power.

I’m not a Queensland resident but would like to register my Cut Loose in Queensland when I collect it. Is this possible?

There are a number of forms required by Queensland Transport in order for you to register your Cut Loose in Queensland. To work out if this will be possible for you please refer to their website and the following links:

For my Tow Vehicle, do I need a 4WD?

For vehicles with manual gearboxes, whilst 4WD may rarely be used whilst towing the 5th wheeler you may find the low range gears useful for reversing on a campsite or when making a standing start on a steep incline. This will make the 4WD option well worth considering and do note that the 4WD models of many tow vehicles have a higher weight rating than many of the 2WD models.

Having said that, most customers now choose an automatic gearbox and on  the latest range of tow vehicles these are 5speed or 6 speed and easier to drive.

Are there 5th Wheeler Towing Courses available?

Cut Loose has worked closely with RACQ who now offer towing workshops for new owners. These half day workshops are designed for your family, your tow vehicle and your Cut Loose 5th wheeler. Visit the RACQ website for more information.

Tow Ed also offers 5th Wheeler Towing courses in other states: