Cut Loose Videos Gallery

Cut Loose videos gallery shows you around different models of the new Free Rein Series launched in 2014.

The new 100% Australian built series began with 5th wheelers and now produces Caravans and custom trailers.  We’ve only just begun our Cut Loose videos journey and we’re very pleased we can share these with you.

Sometimes video is just like being there…

Cut Loose Videos

The video below shows the Cut Loose Reliance 5th wheeler model.  This model is 8m and has loads of opportunity for choosing your own layout within the framework of the van.

This next video is the same model – The Reliance 8m – but from the outside.  So many of the features you see come as Standard, however if you would like to choose something special to add as an option or accessory, then click the following link to be taken to our Options & Accessories page.

The next video will show you Cut Loose Slide-outs.  Here you’ll see how smooth the electric cable mechanism works both in extension and retraction, how much more space a slide-out gives you within a van, and special features like our twin sealed edges – which tightly close the slide-out to the unit so that no dust, water or debris will enter. For more information on Cut Loose Slide-outs, please click here.

The next of our Cut Loose videos is a glimpse into the construction of a unit in our factory at Burleigh Heads, Queensland.  If you’d like to know more about the construction of our units, please click here

The following video is another of the outside of a Cut Loose.

The video below shows the Internal Features of an Investigator from May 2015

And this is an Internal tour of an Investigator from July 2015

The video below demonstrates 3 of our most popular options

2 of these are automated – powered awning and electric steps and you will also see the Stainless Steel Slide out BBQ.

Stay tuned.. we will be adding more videos soon!

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