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Cut Loose Dual Strength Caravan Construction

What is it?

It’s a unique hi-tech Caravan construction system developed by Cut Loose to create the most strength with the least weight – in our Caravans and 5th wheelers in Australia.

Construction materials currently used in the Industry…

The use of lightweight composite panels in the RV industry is not new.

Caravans with Maranti timber or aluminium frame and aluminium cladding have limited insulation and are becoming less popular in Caravan construction.

Most RV manufacturers now use composite panels developed for the Transport Industry with a styrene based core.  They assemble these panels into a shell (or body) with aluminium angles.

What do Cut Loose do differently in their Caravan Construction?

For both 5th wheelers and Caravans, Cut Loose have developed a unique ’Dual Strength Construction’ system.  This has 2 big differences:

1.   We use a different type of panel in our shell construction.

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2.  Cut Loose panels are attached to the galvanized chassis using a number of specially designed aluminium extrusions which form a ‘superstructure ‘ of immense strength

These 2 factors explain why Cut Loose Caravans and 5th wheelers are, by design, the strongest AND lightest models available.

 What is an aluminium superstructure?

The second part of the Cut Loose ‘Dual Strength Construction’ is the unique way the caravans and 5th wheelers are assembled.

Just as a house needs a sound foundation, Cut Loose chassis are specially designed with Australian galvanized steel to withstand the challenging conditions around Australia.

The conventional way to assemble a Caravan or 5th wheeler is by ‘fixing’ the shell to the chassis.  At Cut Loose, we assemble the wall, floor and roof panels such that they become ‘one structure’ together with the chassis.

Our specially designed extrusions or ‘joiners’ (see images below) are bonded permanently to our premium composite panels.  This joining creates a very strong ‘superstructure’.

These Cut Loose ‘joiners’ have been designed so that:

  • When the panel hits the stops it is in the correct place
  • The adhesive is not pushed out when the panel slides in the joiner
  • There is somewhere for the excess adhesive to go

In addition to this, the one-piece floor is bonded to the entire chassis.  This process ‘secures’ the wall structure to the chassis and the floor.

Essentially all the chassis, walls, floor and roof components are permanently attached to each other and creates MUCH more strength than the sum of the individual parts.

Hi strength structural bonding adhesive ensures strength and flexibility in all the joints.

For your interest, here is an image of strength testing of the adhesive we use in our caravan & 5th wheeler construction.  Each tub filled with concrete weighs 1200kg!

Caravan Construction-strength testing - adhesives used -concrete tubs each weighs 1200kg
Cut Loose Caravan Construction – strength testing adhesives Each concrete tub weighs 1200kg!

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