Cut Loose Reliance 5th wheeler lounge area

The Reliance 8m – Rear Lounge model

The Reliance is one of our flagship models in the quality range of Australian built Cut Loose 5th wheelers.

Reliance Cut Loose 5th wheeler floor plan

The Reliance – Cut Loose 5th Wheeler

Recently re-designed, the Reliance brings together the best features of the rear kitchen Investigator and rear lounge Pandora models – previously the two favourite models in the Cut Loose 5th wheeler range

Click on this video to be taken through the inside of a Reliance model

Key features of the Reliance Cut Loose 5th Wheeler are:

  • A private bedroom & en-suite area
  • The bedroom has a large dressing area & central door to the lounge
  • Both queen and twin bed arrangements are available
  • A separate toilet with door
  • A full height pull-out pantry
  • A spacious kitchen arranged in the centre of the unit
  • The lounge & dining areas are situated in the rear of the van & the slide-out.
  • You can choose from a range of recliner, dinette and sofa-bed options
  • This model is available with or without a slide-out

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