Australian 5th wheeler by Cut Loose

The Investigator 8m – Rear Kitchen model

The Investigator is part of the quality range of Australian built Cut Loose 5th wheelers. The Investigator model with its rear kitchen has been popular for many years.

Investigator 8m 5th wheeler

The Investigator – Australian 5th wheeler

With its rear kitchen Floor Plan, the Investigator model is a popular Australian 5th wheeler choice.

Below is a video that takes you through the outside of an Investigator

Key features of this model include:

  • Private bedroom & en-suite area with a central door to the lounge.
  • Both queen and twin bedroom layout available
  • Separate toilet with door
  • A full-width kitchen across the rear of the unit
  • The fridge conveniently nearby in the slide-out
  • Central lounge perfect for relaxing & entertaining

This video takes you through the inside of an Investigator – April 2015

The video below takes you through the inside of an Investigator – July 2015


Your Cut Loose 5th wheeler will be designed for you.  There are no ‘yards’ with endless pre-made units.  Each Cut Loose 5th wheeler is hand built to your specifications.

Our Premium composite panels and Dual Strength Construction System mean we are able to build an Australian 5th wheeler like no other.  Stronger – lighter – more durable.

For more information on our construction methods and materials, click on the link to go to our Technical Info page.

Cut Loose give you choice


A range of suspension systems are available depending on your travel needs and budget.

Interior Design

Freedom to choose from a vast range of:

  • Recliners, dinette and sofa-bed options
  • Vinyl planking flooring
  • Countertops and Cabinetry laminates
  • Fabrics and furnishings

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