Large Caravans

Cut Loose caravan construction system allows you to have more space for your weight.

By this we mean you can now have a Large Caravan AND still:

  • Tow it legally and safely
  • Stay within legal weight ratings
  • Tow with an affordable tow vehicle
  • Have adequate payload for all your gear

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Cut Loose Large Caravans (over 6m)

Cut Loose can give you the strongest AND lightest large caravans available.

This construction system gives you:

  • More space with less weight
  • Greater strength with less weight
  • A large caravan that can be towed safely
  • The option to choose a slide-out for added space
  • Materials that do not decay from moisture, heat or age
  • An aerodynamic front end saving you fuel costs
  • Complete freedom to choose the design of the interior

Large Caravan Technology

With Cut Loose construction technology, you’ll drive away with a Large Caravan able to be towed with an affordable tow vehicle with a towing capacity of 3.5 tonne.

The use of our Premium composite panels and Dual Strength Construction system means you get more space, more strength and more safety with less weight.  Click here to find out why…

Cut Loose let you choose


A range of single axle or tandem axle systems are available.

A range of suspension systems are available to suit your budget and your travel needs.

Floor Plans

Choose from a range of popular floor plans – or choose your own version of a floor plan to suit you.

Interior Design

Select your own level of luxury for the interior.  With La-Z-boy recliners, quality appliances, a one-piece fibreglass shower cubicle and made to measure mattresses, you won’t want to go home!

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