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Throughout 2014 the first models in the Free Rein Series were built & released to the world. Images & information about the new models will be added to our website when each model has been built.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition phase launching the New Series.

Please note: There remains some images and information on our website which relate to the previous 2013 models


Cut Loose Free Rein Series

is more than "a Cut above"'s in a Class of its own

Every component has a story to tell...why it beat the other choices and why it won a place in our Free Rein series

The Free Rein story from Nick, the owner of Cut Loose...

"Selecting the components for this new range was quite an audition process...

From all the products available, I created a short list of products that met our value for money, product quality, reliability of supplier/manufacturer and warranty criteria. 

From this short list, I scrutinised each product ad nauseam, and those that won over the others gained a place as part of our new Free Rein series. 

In the design of the new models I have set out to use the highest quality components and assemble each fifth wheeler in a hand-built style rarely found in today’s world of mass production. Our dedicated team commits many weeks of passion and attention to detail into every part of the construction.

We believe that Cut Loose customers are those that are wanting a long term investment, an asset to pass on to future generations, something akin to choosing a home.

These are some of the key design features we include as standard which you are unlikely to find in any other Australian 5th wheeler

  • Dual Strength Construction system – utilises steel and aluminium in conjunction with composite panels for phenomenal strength

  • Unique chassis and gooseneck design for composite construction

  • Chassis rails 150 by 50 by 4mm from 450 grade Duragal steel

  • Unique extrusion designs to embrace composite panels

  • Composite Wall panels using hi tech PET or PVC cores

  • Unique composite ‘walk-on, run-off’ roof design (phone us for details)

  • Industry leading Aerodynamic front cap for better fuel economy

  • Robust yet light Stylelight cabinetry design

  • John Guest 15mm plumbing system

The result… a hand crafted and incredibly strong yet lightweight unit...built for Australia and built for life. 

I invite you to inspect our new Free Rein models."

                                            Nick Oliver (Director Cut Loose RV)

‘Probably the best 5th wheeler on the market’

New features of the Free Rein Design

1. Utility Highways

a) Separate highways give access under the full length of the chassis on both sides for plumbing and electrical services

b) Highways continue into the unit up both sides of the van all the way to the roof on each side of the van

c) Excellent access to all wiring inside trunking system

2. Bigger Slide-outs

a) New slide-outs are 35% bigger and can accommodate the fridge - this is possible due to the unique composite panels and extrusion system

3. Twin Beds

a) Easy central access to twin beds 860mm wide

b) Includes under-bed storage and enables huge storage lockers underneath

3. Night Lights

Now includes a night light system so you can turn this on and off from your bed.

For TECHNICAL information on the components used in our new series build click on  the link for our sister business DIY Caravans

Below is a brochure which explains what is included in our new Free Rein series...

Keep scrolling down to see more photos of the first of the Free Rein series

We have listened to your valuable feedback and taken action to make your requests possible.

We offer four tried and tested floor-plans.  This is where most customers start, and then you can let us know if you would like any changes.  We are a build to order company.  We build units specifically for you!

Please click on the following links to view images of the First of the Free Rein Generation models (or you many navigate from the brown Navigation block to the left of this page).



We will be releasing more information and specification sheets soon. 

For more detailed information, contact Sharon and the team on (07) 5520 7575



Dreaming of the right time to               'Cut Loose'?

Occasionally, Cut Loose owners send in some photos of their unit or from their travels.

Their photos can be found in the Testimonials section of our website.

You could also head over to our our Facebook Page and see what's happening there...  Enjoy...the dreaming and the planning about when it's finally your turn to 'Cut Loose'...remember the journey is half the fun!



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What Home Comforts do you want in your 5th wheeler?

At Cut Loose we incorporate into our light-weight design, the opportunity for luxuries such as a washing machine.

These are available as "Options"not want such an item, however if you do, we are able to accommodate this. 

Whilst we manufacture very low weight 5th wheelers in Australia, we understand that some of the home comforts are important for people's comfort on the road.

Ask us about what your dream comfort is...What would you like to see included in your Cut loose 5th Wheeler?

You can email us, or check out our Facebook Page HERE to start the conversation of dream inclusions...


Quality Options and Accessories backed by Australian distributors warranties.

At Cut Loose, you are able to choose from a large variety of factory fitted options and accessories to suit your lifestyle on the road. All Cut Loose options are installed in the Burleigh Heads factory and come with Australia wide warranties.


Safer with a fifth wheel

This article by Collyn Rivers explains why fifth wheelers are becoming increasingly popular not only in Canada and the USA (where they are expected to eventually outsell their conventional ‘travel trailers’) but are also gaining an increasing following in Australia.



With a 5th wheeler, more weight is transferred to the tow vehicle itself (compared to a conventional caravan - hence the improved stability). At Cut Loose, using the information you provide us for your desired tow vehicle we can assess its suitability for a particular Cut Loose model. With industry standard figures we will calculate the weights of your combination fully loaded to be sure you will be fully compliant on the road. Read more..


There is a lot of information out there when choosing a caravan or 5th wheeler. Here is an excellent outline of 20 good reasons to choose Cut Loose. Download now by clicking the link below:

  20 reasons to choose Cut Loose.pdf



This is a great guide for anyone considering a 5th wheeler for a small tow vehicle such as a Isuzu DMax, Mazda BT50, Nissan Navara etc. Download now by cllicking the link below:

5th Wheeler Buyers Guide 2012.pdf


Cut Loose is Australia’s specialist in luxurious 5th wheelers for small utilities. We bring you the best of both worlds - more flexible than motor-homes, and safer than the caravan option. Our manufacturing utilises the latest technology in our Australian designs to build very strong yet low weight and compact units.

All models have contemporary interior designs with slide-outs for more space. Our factory can fit-out your Cut Loose to suit you – this allows you to choose appliances and options that will suit your travelling lifestyle in your luxury ‘home away from home’.

We will ensure your preferred tow vehicle is suitable for your Cut Loose and your ADR certificate will include the 5th wheeler, the tow vehicle, the hitch and its installation.
Click here for tow vehicle suitability information.

Our goal is to provide the best fifth wh
eeler experience in Australia. This includes assistance with your research, suitability of tow vehicles, availability of test drives, tailoring the build to suit your lifestyle, exceptional value for money, and a genuine after care service—we aspire to look after our owners for life.

Enjoy reading through our website. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 5520 7575. Our factory in Burleigh Heads, Queensland is open for viewing from Monday to Friday. We would be delighted to show you around our operation, enjoy a coffee and a chat about the fifth wheeler designs for sale.

Best regards,

Nick and the Cut Loose Team

Cut Loose....the smart choice.